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About Us

The Cabinet Maker has been making custom built furniture for over 30 years in the South Essex area. A family run business we specialise in unique items of furniture each one tailored to the customers needs.

All furniture, cabinets and other articles are crafted from a range of hardwoods (and MDF if requested) and either painted or stained to match existing articles or decor.

Examples of the Cabinet Maker's work include display cabinets, tables, TV cabinets, HiFi Cabinets and Radiator Covers. Also popular is Shaker furniture based on the American Shaker style. Other examples of the Cabinet Maker's work include one off specialist furniture.

If you would like more information on the services that the Cabinet Maker can offer or are interested in commissioning an item of furniture, then contact us by email or call on (01268) 695359.

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